Karma Yoga

If you find yourself in financial difficulty and unable to afford regular payments, Bikram Yoga Thousand Oaks offers a karma yoga or work-study program to help make yoga more accessible. In exchange for a consistent weekly shift working at the studio, participants get free unlimited yoga at Bikram Yoga Thousand Oaks.
Cleaners dedicate a minimum of three to four hours a week (one shift of at least three hours). Karma yogis are encouraged to practice as much as possible. We believe that the more you practice, the more you will value your position in our work-study program.
You are responsible for your shifts each week. It is important that you begin your shift on time. If you cannot make a shift, it is up to you to get that shift covered by a fellow karma yogi.  We value honesty, trustworthiness and reliability. If you do not uphold our standards, you will lose your spot in our work-study program.

We expect great attitudes and a positive work ethic. Being conscientious and helpful when needed is part of the job, and a big part of what makes our studio such a great place to practice.

The karma yoga program is a great way to be part of our community. If you are interested in learning more and want to sign up, please email the studio at info@bikramyogathousandoaks.com

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10 Consecutive Days 

Unlimited Yoga

$35.00 .


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75 Class



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expires 1 year 

from 1st use

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50 Class Card


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  ( $10.00 per class)

 expires 6 months from 1st use 

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$135.00 monthly


Unlimited Yoga

auto renews- no long term contracts-just give 30 days notice!

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30 day notice to cancel

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